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Pricing based on the Price Advisor from Kelley Blue Book®! Updated weekly with the latest information, the Fair Market Range helps you buy with confidence!

Why Kelley Blue Book®?

For over 80 years Kelley Blue Book® has been the most trusted resource for automotive research in the United States. Millions of visitors each month visit to find quotes on new & used vehicles, appraise their current vehicles, and browse vehicle reviews and incentives. Our mission is to provide complete transparency and a world class experience to our customers so a partnership with Kelley Blue Book® seemed like a NO BRAINER!

What is Fair Market Range?

Kelley Blue Book® compiles vehicle registration data within your market to determine new vehicle sale prices paid based on vehicle year, make, model, trim and options. They then display the price range for your specific vehicle of interest that the majority of car buyers are paying within your market. We have chosen to simply display this info on all of our vehicles so that you can be sure you are not overpaying for your new vehicle.

How do you come up with your Fair Purchase Price?

We utilize the data from the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor report to price our vehicles to the market and ensure that our prices are fair and competitive. We want all of our customers to be confident that they are getting a great deal without having to haggle back and forth over pricing. We believe that this will reduce the amount of time our happy customers spend in the
dealership so that they can be on their way in their brand new vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have put forth a lot of time and effort to make the car buying experience easier, more transparent and hassle free for all of our customers.

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We offer 24-Hour/100-Mile returns! You never have to worry
about buying any of our vehicles and not being 100% satisfied.
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